Bridge/Property Purchase

Whether you need to swiftly resolve a cash flow problem, require capital for quick completion of a project or bridge the gap between buying a property and securing a mortgage.
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Our Offering

Sandbanks Investments holds a deep understanding of the property world - as such we understand the importance of swift action. At Sandbanks investments, we ensure that you never miss out on a vital investment opportunity thanks to our flexible funding lines.

We review all loan requests irrespective of arrears, CCJs and defaults. Our primary focus is on your desired property and its future plans for renovations. As such, we do not require proof of income or a minimum credit score.

Product features:

Variety of rates and terms

Valuation exempt products

Commercial mortgages

Portfolio finance

Auction finance

Equity release


Bridging loans vs traditional loans

Bridging loans can be an effective solution for individuals looking to close a sale at a property auction, out-bid other investors on a property purchase, or complete tight-deadline deals. They help ‘bridge the gap’ between the point of sale and the purchase of an asset.

How Sandbanks Investments provides value

Sandbanks Investments provides a swift and flexible service through our Bridging loans, leveraging completed deals within an average of 1 to 6 weeks. We begin conducting essential checks on you and the property from day one - streamlining the process of tight-deadline situations such as property auctions.

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